Hay Day Hack Generator

Hay Day is one of the most popular games that people are playing nowadays. It is from the famous publisher and developer, Supercell who are also the name behind the game “Clash of Clans”. Together, both these games are highly popular amongst the gamers and high revenue generators for the publishers. Hay Day is a free game which the players can easily download and install and play. It can be played on Android as well as on iOS systems. There are however, options for in app purchases that the players can buy with real money. Moreover, the appropriate age, according to the game developers is 13 years and above for anyone to play. Although the game is quite simple and easy with no violence or action involved.

In this game, players own a farm where they harvest their crops, grow them and then sell it off in the market place for coins, which is the in game currency. As the players grow and sell crops, they not only get the coins but also XP which is the experience points that are needed to get a level ahead in the game. The main goal of the game is to earn the most coins and XP so that you can get ahead and progress to the next level. That of course, takes time and a lot of times, people are not very patient – for that there are hay day hacks or cheats readily available for those who want to use them.

Hay Day hacks can be downloaded on your iOS as well as for your android. Most of the hacks help you to get coins and diamonds faster. The coins will help you to:

  • Get farm items
  • Buy items or products from the store
  • Be able to purchase the products from other farmers
  • Be able to unlock mine and the fish lake

Although there are ways of getting coins in the game but that takes a lot of time and is a tedious process and the other option remains, is to buy the coins from real money, which again a lot of people do not opt for.

The hay day hacks can also get the players diamonds which is considered as another currency in the game but as “premier” the diamonds are used for:

  • To speed up the tasks and
  • For buying decorations

Diamonds are not used for unlocking things but if you want to build something in the farm, like a barn and you want to built it fast then diamonds will help you. You can even buy items with diamonds. Most of the hay day hack provides the players with gift cards and vouchers as well.

Once you have downloaded the hay day hack, all you need to do is open up the game and run the hack tool then plug in the amount of items you want and hit start! After a few minutes, the process is complete and you can start playing your game with the new addition of diamonds or coins or whatever items you requested.

The hack tool is generally quite safe and secure to use and constantly gets updated. It does not require access to the mobile device so the privacy is also secured. The hacks are quite useful and so far they have not been detected by the game and the trick is not to use them every day and give a gap between requests for a day so that you do not come under the spot light and do not get detected. This way, you can continue playing your favorite game and acing it!

How to Protect Your Base in Clash of Clans

If you are aware of the game Clash of Clans then you probably also know that it is all about protecting and defending your village as well as attacking to win clan wars from other players. Just as important are winning the attacks is also having a great defense to protect your village from attack from others as they can loot your belongings and then you would have to start all over again to re build from scratch.

  • You will definitely have a better defense if you keep your village well structured; having a strong perimeter along with several layering of defense that will place you in a better position and help you get more trophies and win the wars.
  • The main aim and focus should be to keep your valuable resources safe and protected in the center of your village and then build defensive structures or buildings around it.
  • Make sure you build a lot of walls and use them effectively. Your most important resources in Clash of Clans are your gold storages, your elixir and the town hall which needs the most protection.
  • The best way to protect your village is through the walls and making sure there are no gaps in between the walls or the enemy can walk through it.

  • Delay your enemy getting to your town center by keeping other less important building in the fore front as the walls will not help if the enemy is using wizards, hog riders, archers and flying creatures who can easily fly over the walls.
  • Keep the cannons and archers on the front line for your defense as they are capable for firing quickly, it’s a nice hack clash of clans apk.
  • Having a clan castle also helps in your defense. You can request them to send their troops when your village gets attacked.

There are other various ways through which you can protect and defend your village or your base against the enemy attacks ,which you learn as you keep on playing Clash of Clans.